Removing Mold From Your Home


How to remove mold depends on the surface where you find mold. Some places that have mold are easy to clean while others may require specialists come into your home. Almost every home will have some type of mold infestations but most can easily be removed with regular household cleaning supplies.

Identifying Mold

Mold is a fungus that grows from small spores that float in the air and can grow mot anywhere they land, especially if they find a comfortable temperature and moisture. For mold to grow, the ideal temperature would be between forty and one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The most visible type of mold is called mildew. This type of mold starts out as black spots, like in the grout of your shower.

If there is a lot of mold in your home you will most likely be able to smell it because it has a musty odor. Mold can be found on damp walls, damp carpets, damp crawlspaces and more.

How to remove mold

Mold Removal – How to remove mold? In just a few minutes you can scrub away surface mold with a one to eight bleach/water solution. You can use this in the bathroom, sidings, decks, or anywhere you see surface mold. Sometimes mold will grow in places you do not see until you start to see tell-tale signs. These signs could be mushy feeling drywall, surface staining on the walls or ceilings, and the musty smell.

If you have to remove mold that covers more than a few square feet you need to take special precautions. You need to make sure that you do not contaminate the rest of your home. You also need to make sure that you protect yourself from breathing in the high concentrations of mold spores and causing health problems.

Here is how to remove mold step-by-step

  1. Put on old clothes and shoes that you can either launder in hot water or throw away after you remove the mold.
  2. Wear gloves, goggles, and a special respirator, either a N-95 or P-100
  3. Put a box fan in the window of the room or near the area where you are going to be working so the area or room is ventilated while working. If you have an old box fan you should use it because you are going to have to throw it away after clean up. The reason is that the spores are virtually impossible to clean off. Make sure that you tape something like cardboard or plywood around the window openings so the spores are not able to come back in.
  4. Using 6-mil plastic, wrap and tape moldy carpet inside. Make sure that you double bag any mold-infested debris for disposal. Use heavy duty garbage bags.
  5. While you work, moisten moldy areas with a garden sprayer to control spores that may be airborne.
  6. Make sure that you turn off your air conditioner and furnace plus cover the doors and ducts to contain the spores.

These are the basic steps to help you get rid of the mold in your home. By learning how to remove mold from your home, garage or anywhere else, you should now be prepared to take this serious matter into your own hands, but if not then the pros at will be sure to come lend a helping hand!